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[FTE] BE 7

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Tạo bởi Chọn tác giảCập nhật lần cuối 27/05/2021 English
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[FTE] BE 7
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Talk 7

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Talk 7

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Teacher Edna

Hello! My name is teacher Edna, a licensed professional teacher here in the Philippines and an English tutor. I have been teaching diverse learners for some time now. Teaching is my passion because I can help in improving the skills of my students. That is why I always do my best to provide good learning environment in my classes. Moreover, I am a friendly and open-minded teacher who will help you improve your English language skills.


My name is Imee , I can handle all student levels regardless of age, background and knowledge. I enjoy teaching and exploring the world of the English language. Teaching English gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and learn about other cultures. It’s not only about grammar or making better sentences but it is also about the chance to speak up and to be heard by others. See you in my class!

TeacherAngelica Joy

Rachel Hamadon

Jenny Ann K. Miranda

Hi! my name is Jenny. I love watching documentary films and listening to soft music. I've been teaching English for quite some time and, I love teaching because it's my way to help others improve their skills. It's not easy to learn another language but, with utmost effort and dedication, it will be up a notch and, I'm here to guide you to achieve your goal. In my class, I'll be helping you with your grammar and communication skills like pronunciation, listening, reading skills, and fluency. We can also share our life experiences and ideas as we learn. So, what are you waiting for, join me and we'll learn together! I hope to see you in my class!

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